A few km from Florence in the Tuscan countryside, among the rolling hills of Bagno a Ripoli, and more precisely on 19 Vicchio e Paterno Street , Agim carries on with great passion the rich tradition of the “Trattoria La Gargotta” which for almost a century has preserved the gastronomic heritage of this area. An ideal destination for a trip out of town for nature lovers who are looking for a bit of relaxation. Amazing location with free reserved parking, where in summer you can eat outdoors on a characteristic and large terrace and enjoy a breathtaking view with an extraordinary view of Florence.

La Gargotta offers traditional Tuscan cuisine with great attention to the quality of the ingredients and the freshness of the raw materials. In the creation of our dishes we only use seasonal products that come strictly from our territory. The environment of our restaurant is very pleasant, romantic, familiar and informal. Romantic, because the palate and the view enjoyed from our terrace give young couples unforgettable moments. Familiar, because we can relax and feel at home. Informal, because the environment is welcoming, without frills or labels to respect, where the customer can feel at ease. The excellent, courteous, attentive and professional service makes the experience in our restaurant pleasant and smooth. We prepare many traditional dishes highly requested by our customers such as the unsurpassed Florentine steak, gnudi, peppery at the furnace, Florentine tripe, pappardelle on hare or boiled meat remade with onions. At the same time, our menu is varied and satisfies all palates, including special diets or dietary restrictions. Our prices are adequate for the quality of the food we serve and the quality-price ratio is excellent.